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Backup and Disaster Recovery

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Protecting data against permanent loss is both a legal and moral responsibility for your business. And without access to your data, operations would quickly grind to a halt, potentially costing the organisation hundreds of thousands of pounds.

The reality is that your IT systems are only as good as the backup and disaster recovery processes and technology you use to protect them. Thousands of businesses across the globe are critically unprotected – in the event of a major system failure, many could not recover because their data would be lost forever. CrescentGate can help your business develop a robust backup and recovery regime that prevents data loss and provides a rock-solid platform you can rely on in the event of a disaster. security

Our extensive knowledge of archiving technologies and Cloud platforms means that we can create a bullet-proof backup regime that means you always have a copy of your data available. We can also take over responsibility for ongoing management of backups, freeing your team to focus on other strategic IT projects.

A serious outage threatens the very existence of your business. To help reduce these risks, CrescentGate will work to define a disaster recovery plan that will have basic operations up and running within a matter of minutes, allowing business to resume while full recovery takes place in the background.

Managing huge volumes of backup data can be time consuming and complicated. Using our extensive experience of disaster recovery technologies, CrescentGate can help identify the product best suited to your needs.

Our technical experts will help create and configure a backup regime that ensures critical data is copied accurately and stored securely off-site. And our consultants are always on hand to help recover data in an emergency.

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